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Hippie Chick Penny Shares How She Turned Into a Street Hooker

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Penny grew up as a flower child with hippie parents going to Woodstock. She always had an interest in sex starting with pleasing herself. She figured out quickly that she could get paid for sex and that started her hooking. Listen to hear Penny share her sickest sex stories from using giant dildos to pulling a gang bang train getting creampied by every guy. This whacky whore has done it all and loves to talk about it. Cracker Jack gets all of the torrid details and bangs her shaved pussy to boot.

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20yr Old Hooker Tells About Getting Busted

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Meet Trisha a 20 year old hood rat veteran. She just served 15 months in prison for forging bad checks. No excuses this girl loves her work. She was recently busted in a prostitution sting but couldnt stop laughing at the Vice Cops tiny dick. Yep she gives service with a smile. Trisha will show you just what it takes to be a professional hood rat on the street.

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